Orcs are soldiers. Every orc is trained in warfare and weapons from an early age. Their society is rigidly structured, orcs advance in rank based on merit. For all that they are a military society, they get in very few wars.
They live in impregnable adamantine fortresses in the mountains.
Information in Orc culture is kept compartmentalized. Those of higher rank know secrets those of lower do not know. And to Orcs, this is completely natural.

Game info:
Ability Score increases:
+2 str, +2 con, -2 cha

Movement speed 30
Langauge: Common(literate), Orcish Hand Signs

When an Orc is reduced to negative hit points insufficient to kill him, he does not bleed out. Every round, he regains 1 hit point until he reaches 1 hit point.

Orcs get +2 on Survival.

Orcs get +2 on saves against mind-affecting effects.


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